Work History

I have spent the last 14 years of my life dedicated to working in support of the public sector. I was inspired to do this type of work by my father who was a public administrator, my mother who was a health care provider, and my grandfathers who were civil engineers.

Data Coordinator - Since 11/17 I have served as SEIU Local 521's data coordinator. This was a new job created for me to acknowledge the work that I have done to turn data into a member outreach tool. In this capacity I get to work on better connecting union members with our union. I perform basic analyses on our membership to better understand which issues our members care about and with which methods our members prefer to be communicated. This job is wonderful because it allows me to spend more time with my family and more time volunteering in Marina. It wasn't until I took this promotion that I was certain that I would be able to handle the responsibilities of being a worker, a father, and a council member. To me it is a great honor to be able to serve the members of SEIU. It will be a greater honor to serve the members of my union and to serve my neighbors in the City of Marina.

Community Organizer - From 3/09-11/17 I worked for Service Employees International Union Local 521 as a Community Organizer in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito, Tulare, Kings, and Kern Counties. It was through this job that I learned about community engagement in government decision making processes. I helped lead teams of social workers to Sacramento to advocate for more resources to go towards mental health programs, programs to help severely disabled children, programs to increase funding for child care, legislation to protect Natividad Medical Center, and legislation to increase funding for health care. I worked closely with community groups to create funding for enhanced public safety, to fix roads and sidewalks, to preserve open space, and to hire parks and recreation staff. I worked with groups to pass revenue measures and bonds to fund affordable housing and to find housing for the homeless. This was the most rewarding job that I ever had because it allowed me to find that I was really passionate about connecting communities with their local government to improve peoples' lives. I have used the skills that I honed in this job to benefit Marina. I helped organize park clean ups, anti-racism rallies, parades, festivals, and fundraisers. I have lobbied local elected officials in Marina and beyond to dedicate resources to public safety and to building multi-use trails. In 2014 I ran the Yes on E&F campaign to renew Measures M&N, which provide millions of dollars of critical funding for our cities. I am also the author of three initiatives that are currently moving forward in Marina to provide additional funding to our city to address much needed funding shortfalls in our parks and roads and in our police and fire departments. In November of last year I was promoted to a management position in SEIU that allows me to improve the capacity of SEIU's communications and member organizing across 17 counties.

Land Use Economics Consultant - From 12/06-12/08 I worked for Economic & Planning systems as a land use economics consultant. In this job I consulted for cities, counties, and real estate developers on large real estate projects primarily in the Sacramento area. Examples of projects on which I worked during my time at EPS are Fiscal Impact Analyses, Economic Impact Analyses, large owner group financing plans, and flood mitigation plan financing. It is because of this job that I understand how cities fund public services. While on the Marina Planning Commission I conducted a Fiscal Impact Analysis of the Shops at the Dunes restaurant project. This was an incredibly political project with people from both sides of the argument trying to either push through the project as it was initially conceived or to demand that the project be built to the specifications of our general plan. The Fiscal Impact Analysis that I conducted on this project informed me of the financial impact this project would have on the city in various iterations. It became obvious to me that this project would serve to support city services to a much greater extent if it was built to our general plan specifications and I used this knowledge to craft the arguments that eventually led us to approving a much improved project that will provide considerably more revenue to our city. When the financial crash appeared imminent, I realized that there would not be work for this firm in the near future. I took the opportunity to leave this job and accept a one-off consulting project on my own while I pursued my dream of getting paid to follow my passion for helping people and supporting vital community services.

Airport Management Consultant - From 3/04-12/06 I worked for Leigh Fisher Associates as a financial and economic consultant to airport managers. This was my first job after college. In this job I consulted airport managers on financing large capital improvement projects and bond refinancing. The most significant projects on which I consulted were a massive runway extension and associated terminal improvements at Sea-Tac, WA and the financing of a new parking garage at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, MI. As Marina's airport grows to include an extended runway and airport business park it will be essential to have someone on the council who understands how airports are financed and how small general aviation airports interact with the Federal Aviation Administration and airport tenants. I left this job after accepting a job offer in with Economic & Planning Systems, which allowed me to work more closely with local governments.

Way back... Before all this, I was a hotel desk agent, a museum art guard, a server, a busboy, a pizza chef, a line cook, and probably some other stuff that I cannot remember.

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