Meet My Family

Meet my Family

Heidi - Believe it or not, Heidi has known me longer than almost anyone on earth. We met when we were 7 years old in Ms. Webdell's 2nd grade class in Rocklin, CA. Heidi and I attended school together through high school graduation. We attended college in different parts of the state. We reunited when we both moved to Mid-Town Sacramento a few years after college and have been together ever since. We were married in June of 2010. Just one year later our first daughter was born. 2 years after that we had our second daughter. Heidi is my best friend and partner in all things. Together we bought our first home, started a family, traveled nationally and internationally, grew our careers, and became deeply involved in our community. Of all of the people supporting my campaign to be on Marina's city council, Heidi's support has been the most important. I couldn't do this without my biggest supporter.

Daughters - My daughters, along with their mother, are the most important people in my life. These little girls are my motivation for running for office. I want to be part of shaping Marina's growth to ensure that my daughters will grow up in a safe, sustainable, beautiful, and economically thriving city. Creating an economically thriving city will mean that Marina will have the best parks, the best schools, and the best activities for families. 

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