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My name is Adam Urrutia and I currently serve the people of Marina as a member of our Planning Commission. I am now seeking the honor of serving you as a member of our City Council. We are at an important time in our city. Nearly all of the horizontal growth of our city has been planned and is currently being developed. As our city transforms over the next 10-15 years from a growing city to a mature city we need decision makers at the helm who know what it takes to create an economically and environmentally sustainable city that:

- Provides high quality vital public services like police and fire protection and park and road maintenance;

- Attracts employers who provide high paying, full-time, benefited jobs;

- Creates an attractive and thriving built environment;

- Preserves and restores our natural environment while providing opportunities for outdoor recreation;

- Protects Marina's water supply from salt water intrusion and attempts to take our groundwater;

- Fights homelessness and poverty by providing housing for residents of all ages and income levels, and working with regional     partners to support a year-round homeless shelter in Salinas, and;

- Works with our school district on solutions that improves the reputation of our school district.

I have the expertise to lead our city - Over the past 14 years through my work as a financial and economic consultant to cities, counties, and airports, through my work as a legislative and policy advocate for public services, and through my decade of volunteer work with cities and non-profits that further the public good.

I am an active volunteer for efforts to enhance Marina - I have worked to preserve funding for Marina's vital public services, like police and fire protection and road and park maintenance by running the Yes on Measures E&F campaign. I have supported early childhood education by serving as the Treasurer of the Parenting Connection of Monterey County. I have volunteered to keep our community free of gang graffiti by personally removing graffiti that I find around Marina. I have led volunteer efforts to improve our parks by being a founding member of the Friends of Marina Parks.

I fight for Marina as a member of our Planning Commission - I have led the charge to hold developers accountable to building projects that align with our city's vision of the future and that meet the financial needs of our city and our community's need for affordable housing and good jobs.

As your next City Council Member, I will continue to be a tireless fighter for the things that matter most to our community.

Join me in the fight to keep our youth and neighborhoods safe! Join me to preserve our environment and enhance our parks and open space. Join me in fighting to make Marina a place where the dream of home ownership is a reality for more of us.

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